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Women In Tech: Meet Oreoluwa Lesi, The CEO of Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre

Oreoluwa Lesi

Oreoluwa Lesi

Her love for women’s empowerment in the technology is second to none as she saw that women need empowerment, and she established an empowerment centre for women. As the founder and executive director of the Women’s Technology Empowerment Centre (W.TEC), Lesi has worked to create technology camps, clubs, and workshops to build a more inclusive technology system that supports women and girls at large.

To date, Lesi’s efforts have reached more than 27,000 women and girls and have resulted in more tech creation such as applications, games, websites, short films, digital content led by women. 

She studied at the University of Essex in the United Kingdom and graduated with bachelor’s degree in economics. While at university, she set-up a business typing essays and assignments for students and that becomes the beginning of her empowerment project as it lit the first spark about how women could use technology to create economic opportunities in their lives. 

She also has a Master’s degree in analysis, design and management information from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She also studied Applied Sciences at Harvard University Extension School.

Because she had women at heart as far as technology is concerned, Lesi established W.TEC in 2008, and by then the technology ecosystem was not as vibrant as it has become over the years. There was also very little awareness of the gender gap in technology, and women were being ignored, claiming it is a male-dominated area. 

More women are now pursuing technology careers and leading the creation of programs that support them in their use of technology for entrepreneurship, career development, learning and leadership activities.

To ensure that this access is accessible, W.TEC’s work has included the integration of students with developmental disabilities and special needs.

Her work is ensuring women empowerment in Nigeria has made her won several accolades and recognitions including an Anita Borg Change Agent Award; the Her Network Technology’ Woman of the Year 2018′ award; The 2014 ‘Chosen Youth’ Leadership Award from LaRoche Foundation; and numerous spots on Top 5 and Top 100 lists. 

W.TEC alone nabbed 2019 EQUALS in Tech Awards, the 2019 NEDIS Gender-Focused Education Intervention Recognition Award, and the 2019 NIRA Presidential Award for Women’s Development.

With interest in tech at a young age, Lesi wants to empower young girls and women to think of the ways technology affects their lives and how they can use it to express themselves.