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Thoughts: Vivid Skills Academy

Thoughts: Vivid Skills Academy- George Booysen

When I was young, my mom always encouraged me to study, she said that one’s education is one thing that no one can take away from you. Every year I would ponder on this, usually, at the beginning of the year we all tend to make new year’s resolutions, each year I would apply for law at one of the leading tertiary institutions in South Africa. Ready and excited I would wait for my acceptance letter. Excited for an opportunity to develop myself and hopefully, the resume will look better after completing 5 years of law.

However each time to my dismay, I would receive an inbox message, stating due to limited space, I have not received a placement. This discouraged me right away. Nevertheless, I would try again and each time the same outcome. At first, I thought maybe I should call the institution, perhaps there would be better assistance over the phone.

Later I started losing hope and I figured, surely if institutions want a student to apply, their systems should be practical, there is nothing as frustrating as having to browser in a website and you just feel stuck after each form you fill in? Shouldn’t highly rank institutions have practical and easy navigating websites?

Two years later, as I walk into the gent’s bathroom at a mall in Johannesburg I see a poster at face level, do you want to further your education, I read the bold letter? Yes, of course, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, most individuals feel the need to study. As a working-class, I would certainly jump at every opportunity I get to further enhance my skills, but as long as the institution has a practical interface.

After getting an invite from, Vivid Skills Academy (VSA) to their skills development courses, it was as if I have found the best things since sliced bread.


The first thing I noticed when browsing through the site interface of VSA, was the unique colours selection, the colour scheme projects calmness, it could’ve been the designers playing with the psychology of colour or they secretly knew that my favourite colour is green. Throughout their pages, green connects and unifies not just their site but also throughout all their social media pages.

Besides the visual aspects, I was more interested in the design and whether it was practical.

I did a quick speed test on the site and they got a good rating. There is nothing as frustrating as waiting for pages to load on a site, I’m glad that VSA has considered its prospective students. Although their menus and structures are quite packed, the quick response time between their different menus has certainly impressed me. The layout is practical and easy to navigate.


As soon as the landing page opens, the site intent is clear and concise. An opening line “enhance your skills with high demand corporate skills” and a link below it, in which you can browser all the courses. The landing page also gives a sneak peek at all the course categories and curriculum outlines, I can give them a 9 out of 10 for this because the design narrows down to simplicity instead of complexity. I can see myself doing my first cooperative skills development course with them.

What does Vivid Skills Academy offer?

A unique approach in which tailored training programs are offered online and on-site to help individuals who seek growth but also corporates aiming for staff development. I love this approach because I feel that there are many good and hardworking employees out there, who can become even ten times better in their profile by enhancing their skills with some of the following skills (courses):

Overall effectiveness

As a first-time visitor, I could easily navigate around and be easily engaged with what Vivid Skills Academy offers, I recommend young people or anyone to check out VSA as this is a promising platform where you could enhance your skills. The courses are practical and can be obtained even while you working (even I don’t have an excuse anymore). One thing I would’ve recommended VSA to include in their site, a testimonial page, we live in an era where the consumer, read twice before they buy! Vivid Skills Academy is a registered and authorised learning institution in the Republic of South Africa.

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This review was authored by George Booysen and first appeared on Unravelled Thoughts.