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Reasons To Learn Coding At School

Reasons To Learn Coding At School | Reasons To Learn Coding At School | EduPulse Magazine
Reasons To Learn Coding At School | Reasons To Learn Coding At School | EduPulse Magazine

Should we be talking about coding or programming in schools? The idea of teaching coding in school has created unique interest around the globe, with studies indicating that it is critically important, both educationally and socially, for students to learn how to code or program beginning in Kindergarten. According to numerous research projects, the reason behind this is not simply to create a pool of skilled programmers to meet the needs of the job market; in fact, learning to code also enables children to use digital technology to advance their creativity.

Furthermore, it helps students in our technology-based society to move from the role of ‘consumer’ to that of a ‘creator.’ Besides, students learn to develop algorithmic thinking which enables them to understand better, interpret, and assess the impact of such a review on their lives. Some will even go on to take part in developing and guiding the use of algorithms in the world of the future. Coding also trains children to become independent citizens in a world where technology is ubiquitous. 

Finally, learning to code helps students better understand one aspect of the digital world in which we live and, in some ways, become better prepared for it. In short, this is why coding in school is essential. Learning some coding basics at school now appears to be necessary to function in an increasingly digital world.

The first thing to understand is that, for many years, there was no debate about the meaning of the verb “to program,” which means telling a machine, software program or Web page what to do – a feat that is accomplished invisibly by the mobile phones, computers and social media we use every day.

Learning how to code: what are the key benefits for students?

Research shows that teaching computer coding starting in Kindergarten generates many benefits for students.

Here are key benefits of learning to code at school:

  1. Increased academic motivation
  2. Development of critical thinking
  3. Acquisition of mathematical skills
  4. Ability to problem solve
  5. Acquisition of computer skills
  6. Development of autonomy
  7. Enhanced reasoning, organization, and planning skills
  8. Teamwork, collaboration, and mutual assistance
  9. Improved self-esteem and sense of competence
  10. Development of creativity
  11. Ability to find information
  12. Increased resilience in the face of challenges
Tinashe (Nash) is editor-in-chief and publisher of Edu Pulse Magazine. He brings 8+ years of experience as a journalist, creative writer and digital editor.

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