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New Student Survival Tips

New Student Survival Tips

During your first few weeks of college, you will experience all sorts of new things: people, places, habits and freedom from parents. Here are some new student survival tips that will help you to stay on track during your adjustment to college life.

Be Flexible

The best thing to do during your first weeks at college is to be flexible with how you spend your time. If something comes up that you are interested in, go to it. Difficult assignments usually won’t set in until a few weeks into the semester, so keep your schedule open and don’t be afraid to go to something on the spur of the moment.

Get Enough Sleep

That being said, do get enough sleep. You are in a new situation, you are away from your comfortable bed at home, and you need the energy to be around people and activities during the day. If you have an early morning, try to get to bed at a reasonable hour, or schedule in time for a nap the next day.

Know Your Limits

Another caution for getting used to college is that you should be careful to stay within your limits. Whether we are talking about alcohol consumption, time with people, or physical activity, make sure that you are aware of what your limits are before your functioning begins to be affected, and stay within them. If you are not sure of your limits, take things slowly until you learn.

Call Your Family and Friends from Home

Your parents will be worried about you, and your friends are sure to be curious about how your time at college is going. Call somebody from home every day or two, to keep you connected to your life back home. Do try to keep things short – you don’t want to be on the phone all day when you are supposed to be getting oriented to your new home!

Get to Know Your Roommate

You will meet a lot of people during your first weeks and months at college, but there is only one person (or more, if you have multiple roommates) who you know for sure that you will be seeing a lot of this year: your roommate. Spend some time getting to know each other and making your room a comfortable space for both of you. A good roommate relationship is crucial to keeping the stress out of your living space.

Enjoy Yourself

Lastly, don’t be too uptight during your first few weeks of college. Orientation week and the beginning of the semester is one of the few times you will be able to relax on your college campus with little or no schoolwork to be done, and you should make sure to enjoy it.

Get to know the fun people who have chosen to attend the same college as you (you already know you have something in common), and don’t worry too much if things aren’t going perfectly well, because you still have plenty of time left in the year. 

I hope these new student survival tips are helpful. All the best.

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