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Guidelines for Graduates Seeking a Career

Guidelines for Graduates Seeking a Career

RE: Guidelines for Graduates Seeking a Career

Hello College Graduate:

It is an honour to have to tell that in a few months, don’t be surprised to learn the following:

* 8 AM is not early, its standard time for starting a working day. 

* Your starting salary is undoubtedly not as much as your college/ university tuition

* There is no Syllabi for guidance and instruction

* The equivalent to an academic A is productivity and hard work

* Incomplete is now called uncompleted

When you begin interviewing for jobs, here are 5 W’s that you may need to consider deeply:

* Who – Who is the employer interviewing you? What business are they into? How do they rank in their industry? Who is the GM or CEO? What is their corporate vision and mission?

* What – What is the position you are applying for? What is its growth potential? Be sure to show hope and highlight expectations. Also, an interviewer expects you to ask questions about the position and organization.

* Why – Please be sure that you are clear that you want the job. Express passion not for the money offered but for the opportunities that come with your values and purposes. It is critically essential to write a follow-up letter that day confirming your appreciation and to restate why you want this job.

* When/ Where – It may appear dull but take a rehearsal run to the office. Know the map accurately. It is a basic norm to arrive 15 minutes before the arranged interview. Consider bringing a cell phone in case you may need to call if there is an accident or delay to show your accountability and consideration.

Remember: Please be humble. Consider the following story: A recent college graduate proudly states he is an A student. The world responds: “Sit down, son and let me teach you the rest of the alphabet.” So be patient in your job pursuit. Persistence and resiliency are the twin pillars of career stability.

I hope these guidelines for graduates seeking a career will see you through.

Good Luck!