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Event: Designing The Food Of The Future!

Edu Pulse - Designing The Food Of The Future!

As South Africa and the world are dealing with COVID-19, and society is entering into uncharted waters, Singularity University South Africa (SUSA) believes that it is more important now more than ever to convene incredible global thought leaders and share knowledge on how to deal with the future that lies ahead. 

SUSA will be hosting a free episode like no other on food! Different feeding initiatives, focusing on developing, designing and implementing sustainable ways to grow food in the future will be showcased and discussed. The world’s population is growing each day, and the current models of producing food will not be sufficient. They will have to be redesigned through new ways of farming, alternative ways of culturing meat and using yeast science to grow eggs in a lab without any chickens.

Monday 1st of June @ 17:00

Registration is free: https://bit.ly/3bn3g0X


Andile Ngcobo – Farmer, Consultant, Agribusiness Strategist who is climbing the agriculture ladder. A large-scale commercial farm manager, managing the operations of Tusokuhle Farming in Pietermaritzburg.

Mark Post – Chief Scientific Officer at Mosa Meat. In 2013 Marc unveiled the world’s FIRST hamburger made by growing cow cells, rather than slaughtering an animal.

Arturo Elizondo – CEO of Clara Foods, a sustainable ingredients company, making the world’s most comprehensive egg white substitute. Completely animal-free, far more durable, and free of salmonella without compromising the qualities we know and love.

Don’t miss out! Register today, its free: https://bit.ly/3bn3g0X

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