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Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Seize Opportunities and Be Creative

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset: Seize Opportunities and Be Creative.

Due to the high rate of unemployment which has also been made worse by the pandemic (Covid-19) where many had lost their jobs, people must think of other alternatives to erk out a living. One can not just take the back seat and relax while waiting for someone to create jobs but needs one to think outside the box on how to create one. All of us are born entrepreneurs, but the good news is one can learn entrepreneurship, and it is a gateway to a better life.

Entrepreneurship is all about converting ideas into money by taking a risk in setting up a business. Bearing that definition in mind, it then implies that anyone can be an entrepreneur if they have the desire to do so. We might not be able to change many things, but we can change the mind.

Learning is the starting point when one wants to be an entrepreneur, there is what is called neuroplasticity, and neuro means brain while plasticity means flexibility to expand. One’s brain can grow through learning, and you can learn by just seeing what others are doing and have done and to link with more exceptional minds that can stretch their thinking and be creative. 

Leverage on the available technology and things that have been created and improve what others have created and then start with what one has. Many people look for outside factors to better their lives, but it is not about that but what’s inside, start from where you are with what you have, and this calls one to delve into their purpose. 

Ask yourself, but why am I here? What do I have and how can I use it to my advantage?  

However, while some desire to be entrepreneurs, some do not want to undertake the risk and would rather have the certainty assured by a formal job, but entrepreneurship’s starting point is the desire/ the passion. Passion drives one to their destination since one will be able to identify business opportunities. 

Having identified opportunities, the next stage is the ideas generation. Ideas are the drivers of all businesses and are the ones that move the company from one level to another. Ideas alone are worth a lot of money in business; that is why there is significant capital that is waiting to finance ideas in the financial sector. The problem is most people have money, but they do not have ideas to make profits. Creativity and brilliant ideas result in huge profits.

There it is entrepreneurship at a glance; if one dream to be the next Strive Masiyiwa, Bill Gates etc. one needs to start where they are and will get sophisticated along the way.