November 27, 2020

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‘Online Education’ A Crisis in Africa?

Edu Pulse Magazine - 'Online Education' A Crisis in Africa?

Most schools in African have closed since April this year due to the spread of the deadly coronavirus. This development has seen the closure of most African schools to cab the spread of the deadly virus.

This move has since affected the education system, hence forcing most educational institutions to opt for online learning. However, online learning is not reasonably compatible with the state of technological systems in the continent.

Only 50% of countries in Africa have computer studies in their curriculum, and of the 50%, only a third have got enough resources to facilitate practical learning of computer studies. This survey indicates that Africa is not yet ready to introduce virtual learning systems.

Online learning is also promoting distance learning which makes it difficult for teachers to evaluate the level of understanding and concentration of their pupils especially in primary and secondary education where students need to be closely monitored and taken care of.

Besides, online education suffers great distraction because online data is hardly segmented into categories which people can choose from. Search Engines treat the audience as a homogenous society by putting all their needs in one basket. This mainly affects learners as they are distracted by news, entertainment, movies, adverts and music from concentrating with their primary goal.

Online education in Africa is still an expensive means of acquiring knowledge. Due to the economic distress that most African countries suffer from, few members of a population can afford to buy data to access and cater for online education. This drags the progress of the online learning system as the majority of learners cannot afford to access online education.

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