December 4, 2020

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Technology and Its Impact on Africa; Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution

Technology and Its Impact on Africa; Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution

Technology has transcended poverty, race and economic conditions to become a driving force in the lives of people across the world who now have access to the internet and mobile phones.

As technology increases, the socioeconomic effects will improve the lives of people in Africa as its impact serves to provide more accessible ways of production and distribution of goods and services in Africa and the world at large.

The fast-growing age has impacted positively on the educational systems in Africa as it provides teachers and learners with better tools to use in classrooms for both accessing and disseminating of information needed in a learning environment.

Farmers in Africa have also benefited from the growing technology with the use of serial images. Social sensors and weather forecasting are helping farmers to make better decisions on what to grow and not grow depending on the conditions prevailing in that particular region.

Industries in Africa are also migrating into the digital era as technology continues to evolve, seeing most of the ancient industrial machinery being replaced by more advanced and mostly digital machinery. For instance, in the printing industry, lithographic machinery is being slowly replaced by digital printers which are easier to use and requires less labour to control and manage.

Despite technological developments that are positively impacting Africa daily, issues of energy supply still need to be attended to as most of the African regions are technologically backward due to lack of electricity hence making it difficult for some technological innovations to take place.

Africa already suffers employment crisis; hence technology also worsen it as most jobs listed on the labour market are now done automatically using technological tools thus improving the livelihood if few people at the expense of the majority who are mostly equipped with manual skills.

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